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OFA Report: ‘Private Messaging Interoperability In The EU Digital Markets Act’

November 30 2022

The OSPO – A New Tool for Digital Government

June 20 2022

OFE Paper: Open Strategic Autonomy

March 23 2022

Study about the impact of open source software and hardware on technological independence, competitiveness and innovation in the EU economy

September 6 2021

OFA Research Paper: ‘The Technical Components of Interoperability as a Tool for Competition Regulation’

November 4 2020

OFA Research Paper: ‘Interoperability as a Tool for Competition Regulation’

November 4 2020

FOSS4SMEs Policy Recommendation Report

September 26 2019

Round Table Report: ‘Open Hybrid Cloud – Enabling A Competitive Multi-Vendor Market”

March 29 2019

Release of Opinion Paper on Open Source and FRAND by OFA Fellow Simon Phipps

March 18 2019

Round Table Report on ‘Blockchain, Digital Identity and Personal Data: The Potential of Self-Sovereign Identity for Europe’

December 20 2018