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OSPOs for Good – Building & Designing Cooperative Digital Infrastructure

November 20 2023

OFA Report: ‘Private Messaging Interoperability In The EU Digital Markets Act’

November 30 2022

The OSPO – A New Tool for Digital Government

June 20 2022

OFE Paper: Open Strategic Autonomy

March 23 2022

Study about the impact of open source software and hardware on technological independence, competitiveness and innovation in the EU economy

September 6 2021

OFA Research Paper: ‘The Technical Components of Interoperability as a Tool for Competition Regulation’

November 4 2020

OFA Research Paper: ‘Interoperability as a Tool for Competition Regulation’

November 4 2020

FOSS4SMEs Policy Recommendation Report

September 26 2019

Round Table Report: ‘Open Hybrid Cloud – Enabling A Competitive Multi-Vendor Market”

March 29 2019

Release of Opinion Paper on Open Source and FRAND by OFA Fellow Simon Phipps

March 18 2019