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OFE’s input to the DSM mid-term review

June 19 2017

OFE paper on the ‘Interplay between IPRs and Standardisation in the Open Innovation Ecosystem’

June 19 2017

OFE White Paper – Research infrastructure, cloud and open innovation: how to ensure trust in global solutions?

January 24 2017

OFE academic paper – “A publisher’s intellectual property right: Implications for freedom of expression, authors and open content policies”

January 11 2017

Academic report on ‘Press publishers and copyright’

October 26 2016

OFE’s input to the discussion about improvements of the MSP work and procedures

August 30 2016

OFE’s input on the discussion and public consultation of an EU Catalogue

August 30 2016

OFE White Paper in the framework of the “Measuring the economic impact of cloud computing in Europe” study

August 3 2016

OFE White Paper – One Framework to rule them all?

August 3 2016

OFE’s letter regarding the ePrivacy Directive review

July 6 2016