Professional re-usable software principles for the Public Sector

July 5 2016

OFE White Paper – The Blockchain Revolution: How will it change the way we do business and interact with government?

June 29 2016

OFE White Paper – Analysis and Comment on the Proposed Revision to the European Interoperability Framework (EIF)

June 27 2016

OFE’s response to the public consultation on ancillary copyright

June 22 2016

OFE’s letter regarding the set-up of the cyber Public-Private Partnership

June 20 2016

OFE White Paper – Intermediary liability through the back door: Consequences of extending digital copyright for the open internet

May 19 2016

Letter on the ICT Standardisation Priorities Communication and Open Standards

May 9 2016

OFE High Level Policy Paper on text and data mining

May 4 2016

Open Letter on the modernisation of EU copyright law

April 7 2016

Coalition letter to oppose French ancillary copyright for pictures

March 21 2016