OFE Backgrounder – Standards for Cybersecurity in Europe

February 22 2018

Round Table report on ‘Cybersecurity and certification – leveraging international standards to build trust in the Digital Single Market’

December 21 2017

White Paper “ICT Standardisation in a Digital World”

December 6 2017

Round Table Report on ‘Public Sector Digital Transformation: From the Tallinn Declaration to a borderless government’

November 3 2017

White Paper “European Copyright Reform: Impact on FOSS and Developer Communities”

November 2 2017

OFE’s response to the Inception Impact Assessment on ICT security certification

August 21 2017

OFE’s input to the DSM mid-term review

June 19 2017

OFE paper on the ‘Interplay between IPRs and Standardisation in the Open Innovation Ecosystem’

June 19 2017

OFE White Paper – Research infrastructure, cloud and open innovation: how to ensure trust in global solutions?

January 24 2017

OFE academic paper – “A publisher’s intellectual property right: Implications for freedom of expression, authors and open content policies”

January 11 2017