OFE is open to all organisations and companies supporting OFE’s mission of an ‘open, competitive choice for IT users’. Participation in OFE’s activities can come through a number of routes:

Corporate (Subscribing) Supporter – Actively participates in OFE’s strategic discussions. Differing levels of support are available, suitable for the SME through to the largest global company. Annual subscriptions are tailored to the size of company and benefit gained, but can start as low as €1,000 for SMEs.

Partner – Organisations with compatible objectives wishing to collaborate with OFE can become Partners and participate at a similar level as Corporate Members. Typically, this will be an organisation active at the national level promoting open ICT collaboration (eg through Open Data or Open Source), an SME organisation, or a consumer organisation.

Project Partner – with our extensive network of contacts across industry, with the public sector,  the European Commission, and with academia we are happy to consider joining projects as a partner, building on our skills on policy and strategic analysis, on communication through the OFA programme, and via our network of contacts.

OpenForum Academy Fellow – Fellows are peer-appointed from both academia and industry and are nominated based on their individual contributions to independent, innovative thinking in the area of Openness.

Public Policy Review offered as a Commercial Service – With a full time team of Policy Analysts based in Brussels, OFE is able to offer an unparalleled service for the monitoring of public policy issues relevant to OFE’s mission. Unlike traditional monitoring services, we ‘live and breathe’ the topics, often directly contributing to the debates, and can not only offer an exceptional monthly report, but are able to act as a client’s ‘eyes and ears’ on key issues relevant to them. These services are available to commercial or government organisations.

If you are interested in any of the above avenues for collaboration, or a more personalised approach, please contact