OFA Research Paper: ‘Interoperability as a Tool for Competition Regulation’

We are pleased to present you the first research paper in a series of three by our OpenForum Academy Fellow, Dr. Ian Brown. In this series, Dr. Brown, a prominent cybersecurity expert, takes a deep-dive into how increased interoperability in the digital platforms landscape could help solve some of the Internet’s most intractable challenges.

Interoperability as a Tool for Competition Regulation” analyses the notion of interoperability as such and in the light of the recent suggestion from the European Commission to use it as an ex ante mechanism for increasing competition within its Digital Markets Act. Dr. Brown explores the economic and social factors that come into play, contextualising them within recent policy developments and latest academic research.

Here you can find the second paper in the series, “The Technical Components of Interoperability as a Tool for Competition Regulation“.

A shorter summary of the paper can be found on Dr. Brown’s blog, written by Jonathan Todd.