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OSPOs for Good – Building & Designing Cooperative Digital Infrastructure

Authored by Sachiko Muto, Chair of OpenForum Europe and a Senior Researcher at RISE, we’re pleased to share the report emanating from the symposium ‘OSPOs for Good – Building & Designing Cooperative Digital Infrastructure‘ symposium, hosted at the United Nations headquarters in New York in 21 June 2023.

This report is the product of collective expertise and a shared vision for utilising open source principles in service of societal progress. We want to thank all our partners who helped make this event happen, RISE (the Research Institutes of Sweden), OSPO++, and Johns Hopkins University, and in particular the United Nations Office of Information and Communications Technology and UN Office of the Secretary General’s Envoy on Technology for organising and hosting. 

Our discussion focused on the pressing issues within the open source: the knowledge gap, the quest for sustainability, and overcoming fragmentation. The synthesis of ideas from the symposium has been captured in this report, providing a perspective on the strategic deployment of OSPOs to foster innovation and contribute meaningfully towards the Sustainable Development Goals.