OFE Paper: Open Strategic Autonomy

This paper presents a view on how a strategic policy approach to Open Technologies can support the reduction of dependencies and increasing capabilities found wanting in Europe. 

The report will be presented during OFE’s event on 23 March: Open Strategic Autonomy: Public and Private Sector Perspectives.

An interconnected and open technology sector in Europe would provide the continent with cutting-edge, competitive solutions; well-paid jobs; and a turnover that contributes to Europe’s tax base and public welfare. As digitalisation and decarbonisation continue worldwide, an open technology sector would provide a strong geopolitical position, that allows Europe to set global technological standards, promote European values, as well as, maintain and grow Europe’s economy.

Digital sovereignty is a much discussed concept in the context of policy discussions and is arguably one of the main concerns facing Europe’s governments. How it is defined often depends on the vantage point, yet from the perspective of a pragmatic approach to address the challenges, risks to achieving the following four main policy goals are relevant:

  • Economic competitiveness
  • Digital transformation of society
  • Respect for European laws and values
  • Continued access to critical technologies

Thank you to all individuals who supported this report.