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OFE nominates Carlo Piana as a candidate to the OSI Board of Directors

03 March 2022

Author: Paula Grzegorzewska

OpenForum Europe is nominating Carlo Piana, a long-standing friend of OFE and a Fellow of the OpenForum Academy as a candidate to the position of an affiliate director at Open Source Initiative (OSI).

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is a non-profit global organisation stewarding the Open Source Definition that sets the foundation for the open source software ecosystem. OSI is advocating for the benefits of open source and builds bridges within the open source community through its wide network of partners and collaborators. OFE is an affiliate member of the organisation, and believes that Carlo joining the Board would greatly support OSI in its activities.

The OSI board of directors gathers volunteers who are exceptional individuals involved in open source communities. The board oversees the overall work of the organisation, supports its staff and sets strategic goals and direction in line with its mission. OFE believes that Carlo is an outstanding candidate for this position with his immense experience and credibility in advocating for digital freedoms and in legal matters. While coming from the grassroots movement, he is equally considered equanimous by industry players, having a deep knowledge of how large and small corporations, large and small public entities, startups, foundation and grassroots movement work and face open source for their goals and needs.