Thank you for joining the EU Open Source Policy Summit 2022!

10 February 2022

Author: Paula Grzegorzewska

Thank you very much for joining the EU Open Source Policy Summit 2023!

38 speakers shared their views and engaged with the more than 600 participants. It is the support and participation of the community that not only make the Summit a success, but it is what will move the dial on the important questions discussed during the event. We hope that the panels and presentations were interesting, thought-provoking and will spark actions from Open Source stakeholders across Europe and the world to engage with the Grand Challenges.
The recordings from the Summit are now available – we encourage you to share them widely!

Topics tackled during the sessions at the Summit included: 

  • increasing the public sector’s capacity in open source; 
  • how sustainability and the green transition can be supported through open source solutions and ways of working; 
  • chip shortages, ways to address them and if open source hardware has a role to play; 
  • open source software security;
  • the economics of open source; and 
  • how the European Digital COVID certificates allowed the citizens of over 40 countries to travel more safely.

The detailed agenda and the full list of speakers are available on the Summit website.

We already plan the next year’s Summit which, hopefully, will happen in person in Brussels. If you are interested in supporting the Summit 2023 as a sponsor, production or media partner or in another capacity, feel free to reach out to us.

In the coming weeks, we will share more materials based on the sessions and discussions from the Summit. If you want to engage further with the policy discussions, join OFE’s Open Source Policy Community List, an open forum with 200+ members, ranging from activists and policy professionals to Open Source professionals and European policymakers.

OFE is working every day on the topics of openness in digital policy with its supporters and partners. If your organisation is interested in getting more engaged in open technology policy by becoming an OFE supporter, reach out to us at