Share your Public Sector OSS Stories with us!

30 September 2022

Author: Axel Thévenet

OpenForum Europe is the new maintainer of the European Commission’s Open Source Observatory

OpenForum Europe has been asked by the European Commission to take over the further development of their Open Source Observatory and Repository (OSOR). We are grateful for this opportunity to contribute further to the Open Source ecosystem and to be able to support the European Union in their role regarding Open Source. 

OSOR aims to support the exchange of information, experiences and best practices around the use of open source software in public administrations. It serves as a supporting tool for European public administrations in the process of adopting and exploiting OSS. Started in 2007, this project has become a trustworthy information source for its community. 

We hope to help develop the community surrounding OSOR, and by extension the community surrounding public sector Open Source.  OSOR has a lot of potential to become an essential tool for public and private actors as the interest in OSS keeps on growing. OSOR has an important record of structuring the resources available to public officials on Open Source and reuse, and we hope to make it even more relevant by documenting the new approaches and trends at EU level. 

However, this goal can’t be achieved without you, the community! 

That is why we now want to talk with you and for you. Whether you are a public official, a civil society member, an industry professional or an open source enthusiast, we want to hear your story on how to facilitate Open Source in the public sector. Share with us your achievements, your solutions, and your failure and let’s see together how this could further inspire the rest of the Open Source community. You can reach out to us on OSOR’s official email address:

In the meantime, we encourage you to follow the activities of OSOR through the monthly newsletterLinkedIn, and Twitter.