OFE is Co-Organizing the OSPOs for Good 2024 Conference at the United Nations

30 April 2024

Author: Nicholas Gates

Sign up for the 2024 edition of OSPOs for Good by heading over to the OSPOs for Good website and registering your interest.

While open source program offices, or OSPOs, started predominantly in the private sector, they are gaining the attention of public administrations around the world. For many governments, they are seen as a way to help steer open source ecosystems across entire countries.

For years, OpenForum Europe has been advocating for OSPOs as policy instruments which can play a decisive role in enabling open source policymaking to facilitate policy outcomes. These include the use of open source technologies in public administration and the growth of open source developer ecosystems, to name just a few. We believe this trend which will only increase in the years to come.

Announcing OSPOs for Good 2024

Our faith in OSPOs is why OFE helped organize the inaugural OSPOs for Good Conference last year with the United Nations (UN), entitled ‘OSPOs for Good 2023: Building & Designing Cooperative Digital Infrastructure’. (For more on last year’s conference, check out the conference report). The success of last year’s event is why we’re returning this year with a second edition of OSPOs for Good this year.

Titled ‘Open Source Networks as enablers of Global Digital Cooperation‘, the 2024 edition of this conference will take place on July 9 and 10 this year in New York City. This year, we are co-organizing the conference with OSPO++, the United Nations Office of Information and Communications Technology, the Office of the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology, and the German Federal Chancellery’s Commissioner for Information Technology

If you are interested in signing up for the 2024 edition of SSPOs for Good, head over to the OSPOs for Good website to sign up and register your interest.

Why join this year’s conference?

This year’s event builds on what we did with last year’s inaugural conference and be ‘bigger and better’ in every way. It will be a true coming-out party for open source at the United Nations, delivering on what happened last year while elevating the scope and the level of dialogue for attendees.

Says OFE’s Executive Director Astor Nummelin Carlberg: “We are thrilled to come back this year with our past organizers and help the UN annualize the OSPOs for Good conference and deliver another exciting event for the open source community. Participants this year can expect a very different conference, one which goes beyond just OSPOs narrowly and highlights the entire ecosystems they support. The conference agenda we’ve developed will demonstrate the facilitating role of open source policymaking in countries across the globe. It will be a true flagship conference with 750+ people, reaching new heights and elevating the name of open source at the UN. ”

Our role in the Programme Committee

This year, OFE chaired the Programme Committee for this conference, where we played a leading role in setting the agenda – which you can find live on the OSPOs for Good website. By leading the Programme, we have helped steer the development of the conference’s agenda and the identification of speakers, in coordination with a series of expert partners.

As a result of our role in the Programme Committee, we would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their contributions to the agenda that we have developed for this conference:

  • UNICEF: Thomas Davin, Director of Unicef Office of Innovation and Chris Szymczak, Innovation Manager (Digital Public Goods)
  • Mozilla Corporation: Mitchell Baker, CEO and Udbhav Tiwari, Director, Global Product Policy
  • iSPIRT: Rahul Kulkarni, Volunteer Technologist and Venkatesh Hariharan, FOSS United
  • Digital Public Goods Alliance: Lea Gimpel, Director, AI and Country Engagement
  • Federal Chancellery of Germany: Frederik Blachetta, Chief Data Officer

We hope to see you in New York!