Mozilla and the Foundation join OFE as Supporters

02 February 2024

Author: Astor Nummelin Carlberg

In the past few years, as the input of open technology voices has been increasingly sought in public policy discussions in the EU, OpenForum Europe (OFE) is pleased to welcome the Mozilla and the Foundation as supporters. Although our organisations have long been collaborators in various capacities, this formal recognition of our partnership is particularly timely. The advocacy for increased understanding and appreciation of open source in recent years has underscored the critical need for even more cooperation between different organisations participating in public policy dialogues within the EU.

Mozilla, known for championing an open and inclusive internet, brings its significant expertise in leading community-driven, open source projects.

Mozilla is excited to join Open Forum Europe and combine forces to champion open-source principles and approaches in EU digital policies. Open source is not just a software development model; it is the collaboration, innovation and transparency that drives the digital economy forward. By partnering with Open Forum Europe, we aim to amplify the voice of open source in policy discussions, ensuring that the foundational values of accessibility, inclusivity, and interoperability remain at the heart of Europe's digital future"
Linda Griffin
VP Global Public Policy at Mozilla

The Foundation, at the forefront of secure and decentralised communication, brings expertise around the importance of privacy, interoperability, and digital sovereignty in our connected world.

OpenForum Europe has been an effective convener and advocate for open source and open standards in Europe. The Foundation is excited to collaborate, deepening our commitment to making open, unencumbered, secure, and private communications technology freely accessible to all people"
Joshua Simmons
Managing Director at the Foundation

OpenForum Europe’s Executive Director, Astor Nummelin Carlberg, expressed his optimism regarding the emerging partnerships: “Acknowledging the importance of representing the ‘open’ ethos in shaping software regulations, OFE is delighted with the Mozilla and the Foundation’ support and is keen to enhance the collaboration among an expanding network of open source foundations and organisations in the policy space.”

OpenForum Europe has for over 20 years played a significant role in revealing the diverse opportunities that open technologies offer to European policy stakeholders and the broader global community of innovators. If your organisation is interested in exploring partnerships with OFE, please reach out to info [at]