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Open Tech Afterwork

26 April 2022


April 26, 2022
18:30 - 21:30 CEST

Join the informal afterwork of the Open Tech community in Brussels

The sun is out, bars are reopened and we are finally able to switch some of the video calls to in-person interactions. To us, this new (old!) world of social interactions feels a bit strange and we might not be really warmed up for small talk with people we’ve only met on video calls for the past two years. We believe we need practice! 

Therefore, OFE is happy to invite you to the first Open Tech Afterwork in Brussels on Tuesday 26 April at 18:30 at Ginette at Place du Luxembourg 5, 1050 Brussels. 

This informal meetup is an opportunity to reconnect over a drink or two after a long time of joining the calls from our bedrooms.  While we may know each other from recent discussions on current digital policy files like the AI Act, DSA, DMA, we invite you to reconnect as fellow humans in open tech. Also, if you want a break from the torrent of digital policy, and just chat about something else, that is more than encouraged!

Please respect the current COVID19 regulations and stay at home if you feel unwell or might have contracted the virus. The venue has an inside area and a sheltered outside area, so you can be out in the fresh air during the event.

The format: it is an open concept so that the meetups can be organised by different organisations in their respective cities. The next meetup will happen in Washington DC in June and the future ones are in the making.