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Intermediary liability through the back door: Consequences of extending digital copyright for the open internet

16 March 2016


March 16, 2016
08:00 - 10:00 UTC+0

***White Paper now available***

OpenForum Europe (OFE) and Copyright for Creativity (C4C) have the pleasure to invite you to the following event focusing on the issue of intermediary liability, the 1st in a series of events on this topic. We will bring together an MEP, an academic expert and a representative from the civil society to discuss the consequences of extending digital copyright for the open internet.

There seems to be an increasing tendency to extend the responsibility of ISPs compared to the level established in 2000. While courts have been dealing with many grey areas in the legal framework, and balancing competing interests, the European Commission is set to propose a major review of this equilibrium for copyright.

– Does the intermediary liability regime support the growth of a dynamic creative industry in Europe? 
– How would the extension of liability affect the balance of incentives for hosting or caching services to allow users to defend themselves against wrongful claims of copyright infringement used to remove their content? 
– What should be the rights of internet users against wrongful claims to remove their content, how can we protect against an over-reaching claim and its consequences for freedom of expression?
– How could new “players”, “active” hosts or conduits be isolated from others, and what would be the impact on the basic workings of the internet? 
– How would new copyright rules creating direct liability impact the users who create, upload and share content online themselves (UGC)?
– How will the Commission take forward the diverging views expressed in the public consultation?


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