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Government Open Source for the Digital Decade – Workshop with Public Officials

08 December 2020


December 8, 2020
15:00 - 18:00 CET

Invite-only workshop for public officials working with Open Source Software and Hardware


This workshop is organised in the context of the European Commission Open Source Study and will serve three main purposes:

  1. Provide participants a deeper insight into the policy-related insights from the study, before publication of the study;
  2. Workshop the suggested policy recommendations and;
  3. Provide a forum for government officials working with Open Source to exchange.



The workshop will be virtual, is invite-only and open to officials working within the public sector. Chatham House Rules apply. If you work within the public sector and your work touches Open Source you are welcome to join the event. We are also thankful to receive suggestions for possible invitees. Please contact Sivan Pätsch.


The European Commission Open Source study investigates both public policy actions relating to Open Source around the world as well as the main economic implications of Open Source adoption in European countries. This analysis provides the basis for a policy recommendations drafted by the study team. The study team will provide participants with a presentation on the research findings and policy recommendations. They will be joined by public officials presenting national and regional approaches, providing the basis for discussions among officials. The event will provide participants the opportunity to discuss public policy actions in general and develop the policy recommendations, also providing important takeaways for participants.

The preliminary policy recommendations will be structured around eleven core themes:

  1. Knowledge Creation
  2. Knowledge Diffusion and Networking
  3. Entrepreneurial Activities
  4. Financial Capital Development
  5. Regulatory Environment
  6. Market Creation
  7. Creation of Legitimacy
  8. Human Capital Development
  9. Strategic Intelligence
  10. Fostering an open culture
  11. Building institutional capacity

A full programme and preparatory documents will be shared with participants before the event.