Workshop on policy and strategy of open souce in public administrations

12 April 2023

Author: Paula Grzegorzewska

Join the webinar on Tuesday 4 May, from 2pm to 4pm CET organised by the European Commission’s Open Source Observatory on “Policy & Strategy Aspects of OSS in Public Administration”. The webinar will be open to all.

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The public sector in Europe and around the world is increasing its involvement in open source, with several Open Source Programme Offices being created (France and Paris, Brno, the Dutch Ministry of Digitalisation); new internal, regional and national policies on the use, procurement and support for OSS; and hundreds of formal and informal meetings, networks and exchanges.

This series of webinars aims to discuss the latest developments on OSS in the public sector and increasing the benefits coming from open innovation for public administration. In this workshop the focus wll be on decision frameworks, procurement, communication with users, and budgeting.