Sony Europe Becomes OFE’s Latest Supporter

30 March 2022

Author: Astor Nummelin Carlberg

OFE is excited to announce that Sony Europe is joining as a supporter. The contact point will be the European node of Sony’s global open source software team. We are looking forward to working together on advancing OFE’s openness principles of user centricity, competition, flexibility, sustainability and community. 

“Sony Europe is an active participant in many open source projects and communities. But for us at OFE we are especially happy to see that they want to increase their engagement with the social and economic aspects of open technologies. We look forward to working together to achieve a more competitive and open digital landscape in Europe” says Astor Nummelin Carlberg, OFE’s Executive Director. 

Open sourcing plays a pivotal role in technology development at Sony Europe. We are excited to strengthen our presence in the European open sourcing community by joining as a supporter of OFE.

Sony Europe

Open technologies are central to achieving societies strategic challenges. We look forward to working with Sony Europe’s experts to further increase the understanding and knowledge of open tech policy in Europe.

Last month, we welcomed Nextcloud as a supporter of OFE. If your organisation is interested in partnering with OFE, please reach out to