Press release: OFE welcomes the European Commission’s new Open Source Software Strategy

21 October 2020

Author: Sivan Pätsch

The European Commission has positioned itself at the forefront of governments’ work with Open Source

Brussels, Belgium — OpenForum Europe (OFE) welcomes the European Commission’s new Open Source Software Strategy for 2020-2023. With this much anticipated Communication, the Commission positions itself at the forefront of Digital Government with a clear focus on openness as a driver for innovation, digital autonomy and a focus on citizens and users. It shows the Commission understands that the power of Open Source goes beyond code, as it enables an open paradigm, through which entire organisations can be transformed to “connect seamlessly across organisational silos and borders.”

The Commission takes a bold approach to Open Source under the theme “Think Open”. As such it “sets out a vision for encouraging and leveraging the transformative, innovative and collaborative power of open source, its principles and development practices.” The commitments made in the strategy clearly indicate that the thinking around open source has matured beyond cost-saving in IT, to understand it as a strategic enabler.

It is on the one hand a huge step for the Commission’s work with cutting edge digital services. But more than that, it is a recognition of the importance of Open Source and openness in achieving the twin transformations towards a green, digital Europe.
Sachiko Muto
CEO, OpenForum Europe

OpenForum Europe has high hopes for the Commission’s Open Source initiative, as there is a great opportunity to lead by example. For instance, it is promising to see the Commission’s commitment to starting an Open Source Programme Office to “guide, encourage and nudge change across the organisation.” This organisational construct is fundamental in shifting the working culture toward ‘Open’. 

OFE is pleased to contribute to the deepening of Open Source knowledge and understanding within the European Commission through its ongoing study, in collaboration with Fraunhofer ISI. First results will soon be made available to the public at the 5 November event “Europe’s Digital Decade: Powered by Open Source”.

For more information contact:
Astor Nummelin Carlberg, Policy Director, OFE

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