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Open source in mobile operating systems, a game changing model?

05 September 2013


September 5, 2013
17:00 - 19:00 UTC+0

*** White Paper now available ***

Alongside Android other actors have now embraced the Open Source Software (OSS) model and new initiatives such as Mozilla’s Firefox Operating System (OS) and Canonical’s Ubuntu Touch show real promise. Is the use of Open Source hiding a hidden opportunity in the mobile market? It is claimed it is supporting a new wave of innovation in mobile with customized versions developed by device manufacturers (Samsung TouchWiz, HTC Sense) or community-created alternatives (CyanogenMod, Replicant). Different sectors seem to be benefiting from the OSS model, some of Android’s code finding its way into ebook readers, smart TVs, video game consoles and cars. But this apparent success is not going unchallenged, and concerns exist that the distribution of OSS free of charge is harmful to competition. So are the benefits only available to the suppliers or is there benefit to the wider market in Europe and to the user?

 Through this Round Table discussion representatives of leading organisations will initially explore the reasons for their attraction to this model, and how it brings value across the value-chain. Via a moderated discussion with invited guests from across the spectrum of views we will then challenge their thinking and test whether there really is a proven case in support of innovation and competition in the market, or whether its disruptive effect merely displaces existing suppliers.