Input from the Openness community will be crucial for the success of this project. It is a unique opportunity to contribute to shaping future Open Source policies in the EU and beyond.

If you are interested in participating in the study, contact Paula Grzegorzewska, responsible for community and expert engagement, at

We actively work with two groups for the study:

  • The broad community: anyone who is a part of an Open Source association or company, any Open Source developer, community organiser, or if you would like to get informed or engaged with Open Source policy. You can join our efforts by joining our monthly Open Source Software Community calls during which we discuss current digital policy developments with participants from around the world, share updates about the study and periodically ask for feedback to the broad community.
  • Experts: researchers, academics, and industry experts with several years of experience, governments or broader structures analysing or advocating for Open Source Software or Hardware. More than 50 experts from around the world have joined our Board of Experts for the study. The involvement of experts depends on their availability and is non-binding. If you are interested in joining our Expert Board, please let us know.